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Local Rules now on website

You can now view a pdf of the local golf rules on our website. Just go to the “Members” section and click on “2018 DVMGC Handbook”. Once there you can click on the local rules link. The local rules have always been available on the website but could not be downloaded. They are also located at “Club Info/Rules & Etiquette”.

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Lift, Clean and Place is suspended

Greeting members,
The course has been drying out with the decrease in precipitation. Therefore lift, clean and place is no longer in effect.

Steve Weber
President, DVMGC

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Golf is a Game of Honor!

Membership in the DVMGC is the Member’s Implied Consent that they will play in accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf, and the Policies of the DVMGC.  Golf is a game of Honor, and it shall be ASSUMED that all Members know the Rules and are conducting their play, and that of their guests, accordingly.

In order to protect the integrity of our contests, keep our play fair to all Players, and avoid escalating misunderstandings, the following policy has been adopted by the Board of the Deer Valley Men’s Golf Club.

Policy for Addressing Suspected infractions of the Rules Of Golf.


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Play Faster Without Losing Your Cool

Hot Weather Slows Everyone Down,

Here’s 15 Ways to Play Faster Without Losing Your Cool.

  1. Ditch your head covers! Taking them on and off is a serious time suck.
  2. Mixed tee groups, players from the same tees should ride together.
  3. After you tee off, move back towards your cart, you can watch from there.
  4. Play ready golf! If it’s safe to hit, HIT IT.
  5. First player to a Par 3 gets the yardage, and informs the others.
  6. First player that hits on a Par 3, stands by with the sand to fill everyone’s divots.
  7. Waiting? Take as many practice stokes as you want. Your turn to hit, you get one!
  8. Hit it O.B., need a provisional ball? Always have a spare ball handy.
  9. Balls on opposite sides of the fairway? Rider should be dropped off and driver proceeds to his ball. Once rider hits, he should start walking towards the green, until driver picks him up.
  10. Two players in the same bunker? The last to hit rakes. The first to escape, marks and lines up their putt.
  11. At the Green, the carts and any clubs carried to the green should be in the direction of the next tee.
  12. If you have to walk back towards the tee, you are wasting time and holding up the group behind.
  13. First person to putt out grabs the flagstick and waits to put it back. As others holed out, grab your clubs and move towards the cart.
  14. Jokes and stories are best told while waiting. Once the fairway/green is open, hold the rest of the story until later.
  15. Medical flags on carts are used by guys with trouble walking. They should NEVER be parked in front of the green, and please observe the 15 foot rule.
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As we barrel-roll towards the Arizona Summer, it’s time to refresh your Personal Hydration Plan (PHP)!

We all learned in grade school Health class that our bodies are made up of about 75% water.  What they didn’t tell you is that as we have aged, our water content has dropped to 55-60% of our body weight.  Staying hydrated is even more important as we get older.  We all need a Personal Hydration Plan!

It’s a Dry Heat!

Arizona Summers can be killers, literally!  Even seasoned full timers with plenty of years here, should take heed.

The summer heat can do more than just get you dehydrated, there is a whole range of maladies from heat-cramps, to heat-exhaustion up to heat-stroke, a serious, potentially life threatening condition.  Exercising or playing in the high heat not only makes you lose water through sweat, but also drains you of salts, minerals and electrolytes.  As you deplete these essentials, you can experience muscle cramps, dizziness, nausea and confusion.  At this point, just drinking plain water may not be enough!

Please talk with your buddies and discuss hydration and hot weather play.  Someone getting dehydrated may not recognize he is getting in trouble.  Keep on eye on the rest of your group, if someone starts to act exhausted or dizzy; or starts to talk or behave erratically; step in and suggest they drink something and cool down a bit.  In serious cases, don’t be afraid to call the Golf shop or 911 for help.  Last summer we had several golfers taken to the hospital with heat related ailments.

We have restrooms and drinking fountains on all of our courses, use them to replenish your fluids and to wet a towel or cooling rag to keep your neck cool. 

Start drinking more fluids at home to build up a reserve before hitting the heat.  Drinking enough on the course that you have to use the restroom is a good idea.  The color of your urine can be a good indicator of your hydration level. (light color good, dark color bad)  

Carrying a small cooler with water and sports drinks is a great idea.  Just remember to fill your chest with ice AT HOME.  Save the ice machine just for filling your cup, don’t be an ICE HOG!

Be Prepared and Stay Cool!

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How Can we Improve SLOW PLAY?

In an attempt to address numerous complaints of SLOW PLAY during Deer Valley Men’s Golf Club play, the following recommendations are made to ALL Players:

  1. With a decent Pace of Play, Bogey-plus golfers can traverse Deer Valley in 3 hours 40 minutes, or less. With a full slate of Players, 4 hours and 15 minutes is the MOST it should take our Club to finish a round.
  2. The Pace of Play is the responsibility of ALL PLAYERS in a group. All it takes is ONE GROUP to back up the course.  Encourage each other to maintain a proper Pace of Play.
  3. A proper Pace of Play is defined as maintaining a close gap with the group ahead of yours. (foursome-to-foursome from the same tees)
  4. Please play Ready Golf at all times.      
    1. Drivers should drop off their passenger, with 2 clubs and sand, and proceed directly to their own ball and hit as soon it is safe.
    2. When hitting from the desert areas, take the 2 most likely clubs with you.
    3. If Players are looking for a lost ball behind you, hit your shot first, before helping the look.
    4. All groups will have a bad hole occasionally, when this occurs, wave the group behind you up while you recover.
    5. After hitting, carry your clubs to your next position before putting them in your bag.
    6. On the putting green, if players are raking a sand bunker, or walking up to the green, have another player tend the flag as you hit you lag putt.
    7. After putting out, leave the green promptly and drive to the next tee box before recording the scores.
  5. Team Captains are encouraged to return to the Club House area immediately at the conclusion of their play. Please do not remain on the course to socialize or fill out your score cards.


If these recommendations do not improve the Pace of Play to a satisfactory level, action will be taken with chronically slow groups. The following policy was proposed by the DVMGC Board, to a quorum of the Club Membership, at the April 26, 2016, General Meeting and was approved by the Membership by a show of hands.

Since DVMGC plays from a shotgun start, if all groups maintain the proper Pace of Play, all of our groups should finish within 10-15 minutes of each other, depending on if they finish on a Par 3 or Par 5 hole, and how far from the Clubhouse they finish. Our Most Excellent Monitor, Patti, will be charged with tracking the chronically slow groups. (YOU know who you are!)

  1. After a verbal warning, the group’s next round of Club Play will be on a YELLOW SCORECARD, as a visible reminder to maintain proper Pace of Play.

If a group playing with a YELLOW CARD does not improve the Pace of Play, they will be Disqualified for Next Weeks Play.

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Remember to Hole-Out!

Please remember that the DVMGC plays all our events under the USGA Rules of Golf.  There are NO GIMME’s and you must hole-out on each hole.

USGA Rules of Golf

Section 3 Stroke Play, 3-2. Failure to Hole Out

If a competitor fails to hole out at any hole and does not correct his

mistake before he makes a stroke on the next teeing ground or, in the

case of the last hole of the round, before he leaves the putting green,

he is disqualified.



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