Policy & Procedures

Cancellation & Standby, Frost Delays, Pace of Play, Scoring & Scorecards and 2020 Club Handbook


If you need to cancel, DO NOT CALL THE CLUBHOUSE, please send an email to the Monitor at pattidvmgolf@cox.net. If it is Wednesday and you can’t send an email call the Clubhouse at 623-544-6016. You will get the Call Center so you will have to ask to be transferred to Deer Vallley.


Frost Delays

In order to provide equity and fairness to both the AM Groups and the PM Groups, the New Frost Delay Policy of the Deer Valley Men’s Golf Club is as follows:

  1. A frost delay of less than 1 hour will result in both the AM and PM groups playing 18 holes.
  2. Frost Delays lasting MORE than One Hour:
    1. If a Frost Delay, that is to last more than one hour, falls on an EVEN NUMBERED DATE, the AM groups will play 9 holes, and the PM groups will play 18 holes.
    2. If a Frost Delay, that is to last more than one hour, falls on an ODD NUMBERED DATE, the AM groups will play 18 holes, and the PM groups will play 9 holes.

All Members (AM and PM groups) will need to call the Weather Hotline (623-544-6175, option 3) to determine when their group starts, and if they will be playing a 9 hole or 18-hole round. Please DO NOT CALL THE CLUBHOUSE, you will get the Call Center and they do not have the information. Also, an email will be sent out between 6:45-7:00am with course delays/restrictions due to weather.


If you start on the front nine, play your nine holes on the front nine only. If you start on the back nine, play your nine holes on the back nine only. For sweeps competition, record your actual nine hole gross score and compute your net score using your handicap on the nine holes you are playing.  Also record your adjusted gross score, if any.

Pace of Play

Ready Golf is defined as including Pace of Play and the following is recommended. WE CAN REDUCE OUR ROUNDS BY AS MUCH AS 30 MINUTES BY FOLLOWING THESE SIMPLE RULES.


  • Go directly to your ball and hit it, as long as no one is in your way and is not ready to hit.
  • Cart driver – Go directly to your passenger’s ball and drop him off.  Immediately proceed to your own ball, hit it, and return to pick up your passenger.
  • Select your club while waiting to hit.  Be ready when your turn comes.  Hit a provisional ball if you think your ball is lost or out of bounds.
  • 5 minute maximum search for a lost ball.  The other players should hit before joining in the search.


  • Putt out of turn if “away” players are not ready.  Lag up if a player is off the green and is not ready.
  • Continuous putting. – Keep putting until you hole out if comfortable.
  • Study your line while others are putting.  Be ready to putt.
  • Proceed to the next tee immediately after holing out.  Put away your clubs and enter scores at the next tee.

Scoring and Scorecards


ALL MUST HOLE OUT – NO GIMMIES. You must have three scores; Gross, Net, and Adjusted Score. The Gross Score is the total number of times you hit or attempt to hit the ball plus any penalty strokes. The (total) Net Score is the (total) Gross Score minus your current handicap. All scores for handicap purposes are subject to the application of the World Handicap System. This mandatory procedure reduces high score holes for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player’s potential ability. Scores subject to the World Handicap System are known as the Maximum Score allowed for any hole. 


The new World Handicap System went into effect on January 1, 2020, The Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) is no longer used. Now, for Handicap purposes only, to calculate the Maximum Score allowed on any hole is NET DOUBLE BOGEY.  Net double bogey is different for each hole based on your Course Handicap.

Net Double Bogey is the PAR of the hole, Plus two strokes, Plus any strokes you receive on that hole.

Example: Player’s handipcap is 20.  On the # 1 Handicap hole, the player gets 9.

Calculation = Par 4 plus 2 = Double Bogey plus 2 strokes = 8. Eight would be the Maximum Score on that hole so the score reported on the scorecard would be 9/8.


Failure to enter the following on your scorecard for all Men’s Club Events will result in disqualification for the event.

1.  Signature

2. Missing Finishing Time

This Policy applies to all Men’s Club Events (weekly sweeps and monthly special event sweeps) unless otherwise notified on the day of an event. This Policy also applies regardless of the type of scorecard being used in any event.

Members of the Tournament and Handicap Committees will audit the scorecards after each Men’s Club Event for correctness and disqualify members as necessary.


Anyone with a handicap index of 28.0 may play from the Green Tees.

A member with a handicap index of 24.0 to 27.9 are encouraged to play from the Gold Tees.

A member with a handicap index of 21.0 to 23.9 has the option to play the White or Gold Tees.  Annotate a “G” or “W” in front of the rec card number on the score card.